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24th July 2020



The International Conference on Medical and Wellness Tourism (ICMWT) is a one-of-its-kind conference, commingling medical and wellness tourism. This upcoming conference is intended to create a unified platform for industry players and experts to share their knowledge, skills, innovation, ideologies, and thoughts in order to achieve holistic industry excellence.
It is going to be a venue for industry professionals and associates to discuss new groundbreaking ideologies, technologies, and innovations. The purpose of this initiative is to learn and let learn about the prevailing and upcoming trends in the industry. Besides, it is to analyze how the intended industry can be streamlined and connected to have holistic growth.

Medical & Healthcare

The Indian medical and healthcare sector is growing at a rapid pace and is projected to increase three-fold to around 372 billion USD by the year 2022.


The wellness industry is rapidly gaining popularity in recent decades and is expected to be valued at 21 billion USD by the year 2020.


It is estimated that by 2022, India will attract around 1.5 million medical and wellness tourists and bring in 13.3 billion USD in revenue.

Medical & Healthcare

ICMWT will benefit the key players of the Medical & healthcare industry who provide indomitable medical services, manufacture medical equipment and drugs, provide medical insurance, and make governmental policies.

Meet healthcare professionals, government authorities, policymakers, and regulators
Explore the emerging innovations and available opportunities in the industry
Interact with industry experts who are breaking new grounds in their respective fields
Connect with executives and representatives of various healthcare organizations
Obtain knowledge from industry insiders and decision-makers


This conference will unite and benefit the executives from various segments of the wellness industry like fitness and rejuvenation, alternative medicine, yoga, organic and natural products, vegan, and so on.

Network with like-minded people and expand connections and business horizons
Understand current and upcoming market trends and explore new business opportunities
Get connected to wellness equipment manufacturers and technology service providers
Learn insights on the wellness industry updates and stay updated on the emerging trends
Find your target audience and get connected with potential customers


India has become a hub of international medical and wellness tourists with plenty of facilities and services that range from airlines, travel agencies, visa consultants, hotels, resorts, SPA, to fitness centers, among others.

Explore and understand the government policies and benefits
Get insights on pioneering research and statistics
Network with industry experts and medical tourism facilitators
Obtain knowledge about growth, strategies, and embellishment of medical establishments, hotels, wellness resorts, SPAs, health centers, and wellness centers.
Understand the Indian medical and wellness tourism segments in detail and obtain the industry requirements and demand

Our Speakers

The International Conference on Medical and Wellness Tourism (ICMWT) has lined up an array of ideal speakers who are excelling and breaking new grounds in their respective industries.

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