Ms. Abaidoo Nelly

Principal Administrative Assistant

Country:   Ghana

Pursuing Ph.D., in Education

Conference Attended:  
2nd International Scientific E-Conference 2015

Best Scientific Paper Award

Ms. Abaidoo Nelly

Theme of Conference:   Research, Technology and Innovation: The Bedrock for Global Development

Article Topic:   Managing the Paradigm Shift to E-Learning in Distance Education (A Case Study at CoDE, UCC)


This study sought to find out how e-learning staff in the College of Distance Education of University of Cape Coast (CoDE, UCC) are prepared and vested in the management of paradigm shift to e-learning. Diagrams of Educational Management Paradigm of the past and that of today were looked at. There have been a number of earlier comparative studies e.g. Peter’s(2003) which indicate that paradigm shift includes a transition from modern curricula to post-modern curricula. The population for the study consisted of all 15 staff of CoDE in UCC who are managing the e-learning platform. All the 15 staff were used as the sample for the study. The instrument used for data collection was an interview guide. Data were analysed using themes. All the respondents agreed that e-learning platform is a forum for knowledge sharing and it is also a space for collaboration and interactivity. They also agreed that the Goal of e-learning is to create a transformative learning environment. They also stated that they have the skills in implementing e-learning at CoDE in UCC. However, their main challenges were that students are not given the chance to control e-learning platform. It is recommended that staff should be very clear about their multiple roles they are prepared for and take on while implementing e-learning. The staff should also have the corresponding changing role-related skills and competencies in order to provide high quality platform for distance learners.