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Title: Parallelization of bioinformatics methods using a computational grid

Authors: Mauricio Adami Mariani, Samuel Brando Oldra

Topic: Information Technology


Recent advances in computer science improve research in several areas. These include an area with great emphasis, the biology, which is the field of study of this work. The use of computer for analysis of data, and processing methods of biology is called bioinformatics. However, when are analyzed DNA sequences from complex organisms which have thousands nucleotides is required a greater processing power. Due to the increase the amount of data to be processed we can use HPCA. Within this context in this work, we study the use of computing capabilities in performance processing DNA sequences. More specifically the parallelization of methods used by the research group in bioinformatics at UCS(University of Caxias do Sul). For development this work we chose to use computational grids, since this type of platform provides a high processing capacity at low cost.