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Title: Web Engineering

Authors: Walakira Anthony Jude

Topic: Information Technology


The article review defines Web engineering stating that web engineering focuses on the approaches, techniques and tools that are the basis of Web application development. It also lists the main topics of Web engineering and also the attributes. The topics listed are modelling disciplines, design disciplines, tools and methods, Implementation disciplines, testing disciplines and application categories disciplines.  Attributes for Web engineering mentioned in the article are Web quality and content-related attributes.


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  • Kayode Aderinsola Eunice (Viewer) 17th Nov 2015 - 1:54 PM
    what does the tittle aim to achieve? And what are you trying to apply web engineering to?
    • ANTHONY JUDE WALAKIRA (Author) 26th Nov 2015 - 9:11 PM
      Dear Mrs. Kayode,

      Please see response to your second comment. In addition, web engineering is Web engineering, as a new discipline is attributed to disciplines such as modelling, tools and methods, implementation, testing and application categories. In brief, quality and content-related attributes. Thank you.

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  • Dr. AJIT V PANDYA (Viewer) 19th Nov 2015 - 1:53 PM
    Good morning from Dr. Ajit V Pandya form Ahmedabad ..India
    My questions / suggestion (s) are as follows…my email id is
    Watsapp no. 91 8905599852

    1. what is ultimatly your explaination/finding.....aims and objectives ?

    2.i could not get what you want to conclude ?
    • ANTHONY JUDE WALAKIRA (Author) 26th Nov 2015 - 6:25 PM
      Dear Dr. Pandya,
      1. The explanation/finding hence the objective of the article was to negate hypothesis that web engineering is a new field. Hence,
      2. The conclusion is that web engineering is not a new field per say but rather a new discipline for arguments sighted in the article.

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  • Kayode Aderinsola Eunice (Viewer) 23rd Nov 2015 - 8:15 PM
    Dear Author,
    This is my second comment. This article could have been expended to contain research questions, findings and conclusion inorder to put more light in the Web Engineering research work.
    My contribution is for future study, a comparative study on Web Engineering and Soft Engineering on your topic would be of added value to the research work.
    Well Done!
    fROM : Mrs. Kayode A. E. (University of Ibadan, Nigeria)
    • ANTHONY JUDE WALAKIRA (Author) 26th Nov 2015 - 5:45 PM
      Dear Mrs. Kayode,
      Thanks for your comments on my reviewed article. Since it was just a review and not my research work, there are no research questions and answers. However, the conclusion is there that “People in other traditional disciplines such as Software engineering find it controversial to recognize Web engineering as a new field citing how different and independent Web engineering is compared with other disciplines”. The article hence the review briefly compares Web engineering and Software engineering stressing the point that one is not a clone or subset of the other thought both involve programming and that web engineering uses software engineering techniques! It was brief and I very much appreciate your valuable comments. Regards.

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  • EMMANUEL CHINWEUBA NWANI (Viewer) 23rd Nov 2015 - 10:34 PM
    Dear Walakira Anthony Jude
    Your paper is just a download of wikipedia short description of web engineering. This paper lack qualities of a journal paper, from the heading to the conclusion and references. You have to upload a journal paper before it can be reviewed.
    • ANTHONY JUDE WALAKIRA (Author) 26th Nov 2015 - 5:21 PM
      Emmanuel, one of the options for submissions to the e-conference was reviewed articles which could be from any source.It's not a journal paper but a review of what was downloaded.

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  • DAVID OLUWAMAYOWA FAKUNLE (Viewer) 25th Nov 2015 - 3:47 PM
    Dear Author,
    Is this supposed to be an article review or what....?
    I think you should review your submission.
    • ANTHONY JUDE WALAKIRA (Author) 26th Nov 2015 - 5:16 PM
      David, absolutely this is an article review hence submitted as such. Regards.

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  • MAURICIO ADAMI MARIANI (Viewer) 26th Nov 2015 - 5:01 PM
    Interesting but very brief.
    • ANTHONY JUDE WALAKIRA (Author) 26th Nov 2015 - 5:13 PM
      Thanks Mauricio for the comment. Please note that this was an article review hence being brief! Thanks for commenting..