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Title: Homeland Security and Insurgency Management in North East Nigeria

Authors: Emmanuel Chinweuba Nwani

Topic: Information Technology



Terrorism has become a global peril, and the North East Nigeria has got its own share of the insurgency by a dreaded Sect. Three states of North East Nigeria were the worst hit, leaving more than one million people comprising women and children displaced and homeless. However, on a daily basis, more people are displaced from their homes by the ruinous bombing which cause emergencies, and the emergency usually created, as a result, overwhelm the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and other government agencies that take care of the Internally Displayed People (IDP). The planning and management of insurgency-related cases, though a government responsibility in Nigeria has a top-down approach which has not actually given prompt response during disasters and rescue to victims of the bomb attack. This article examines the role of a community-based Local Response Squad (LRS) when equipped with Information Technology (IT) infrastructure within the communities to assist in giving prompt responses to emergencies when it occurs. The LRS plan collaboratively for potential emergencies is also important to become more aware of local community-level values, planning, involvement and skill. This thesis also looks at the Human-Computer Interaction studies the interaction between people and computers to know how information technology affects insurgency management. The aim is to advance on emergency management resulting from insurgency through the plan of useful interfaces to technology. Conclusively, this article offers some implications for community insurgency management technology.


    COMMENT - 1

  • Kayode Aderinsola Eunice (Viewer) 23rd Nov 2015 - 8:06 PM
    Dear Author,
    The article is relevant to what is going on in Nigeria especially in North Eastern, Nigeria. The issue, over Chibog girls kidnapped on April 14, 2014 would have been solved if relevant IT tools had been put in place.
    My contribution is that installation of CCTV will help to fish out these enemies, also power supply must be regular and the people living the environment (town) must be sensitive to their security. Insurgents entering into markets, workshop centres and other public places unchecked or unchallenged make it easy for these insurgents to perpetrate their evil acts easily.
    Supporting the researcher, IT infrastructure will definitely help to check the insurgents more so with the sincerely of the government to adequately and timely provide it.
    However, you have done a good work, keep the spirit high. Well done!
    Mrs. Kayode Aderinsola E. (University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria)
    • EMMANUEL CHINWEUBA NWANI (Author) 23rd Nov 2015 - 9:59 PM
      Dear Reviewer, Kayode Aderinsola Eunice
      Thanks for your review. It was obvious that the masterminders of Paris bombing were fished out immediately due to functional IT infrastructure put in place in France. From my conclusion, the community youths in North East Nigeria can be equipped with IT infrastructure and they can guard themselves. CCTV and bomb detecting/detonating devices can be mounted at strategic and public place to checkmate the incessant insurgency attack.
      • Kayode Aderinsola Eunice (Viewer) 24th Nov 2015 - 5:21 PM
        Yes, with the help of this new government in Nigeria. I think this can be done!
        Well done!

  • COMMENT - 2

  • DAVID OLUWAMAYOWA FAKUNLE (Viewer) 25th Nov 2015 - 3:44 PM
    Dear Author,
    I also want to add that the government must place a huge emphasis on Centralization of Data for Citizens and foreigners. This will help the response and security agencies to find lasting solutions to the unrest in the Region.
    We must upgrade all our Security Stations all over the country and minimize the death toll of security personnels.
    I am impressed with your submissions.
    • EMMANUEL CHINWEUBA NWANI (Author) 26th Nov 2015 - 3:52 PM
      Dear David Fakunle,
      Thank you for your compliments. A strong database with cameras and bomb detecting gadgets, insurgency will reduce in North East Nigeria and any other place.

  • COMMENT - 3

  • Tina Isi Adesina (Viewer) 25th Nov 2015 - 6:57 PM
    Dear Author,
    Weldone and a good job too. Might i add that the capacity of security personnel would also need to be built. If the manpower resources and capacity needed are not in the proper perspective, then it might just be working within the same cycle. Proper community awareness and use of capable local volunteers is also another way to help advocating for the use of the IT.
    I am really glad we have people like you thinking in this direction and I'm optimistic that something positive like this would come up to address this in the country.
    Good job!!!

  • COMMENT - 4

  • EMMANUEL CHINWEUBA NWANI (Author) 26th Nov 2015 - 3:58 PM
    Dear viewer Tina Adesina,
    Thank you for your comments. IT equipment these days are user-friendly. The capacity building on intelligence and insurgency management in Nigeria on a regular basis is paramount. Nigeria will do better in checking insurgency when all IT infrastructure and management team are put in place.
    Thank you.