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Title: Software Security and Privacy Risks in Mobile e-Commerce

Authors: Ghosh A K, Swaminatha T.M

Topic: Information Technology


The purpose of the article is to provide the relevant principal areas to be considered to enable mobile e-commerce thrive. Owing to the vast prospects the sector will provide and the future of business transactions, it is imperative for the policy makers to understand the risks posed by wireless devices while accessing e-commerce applications. With the success recorded in desktop e-commerce system and the ability to reduce malicious attacks on e-commerce systems, the article highlighted the need for operators to use a common interface and build on strengthening it to ensure data security and reverence for privacy even as customers move from desktop e-commerce systems to mobile e-commerce systems. Mobile e-commerce systems will introduce new security and privacy risks beyond those currently found in desktop e-commerce systems. Encrypted communication protocols are necessary to provide confidentiality, integrity and authentication for mobile e-commerce applications.


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  • Shahed Murshed (Viewer) 18th Nov 2015 - 9:22 AM
    The article that has been reviewed is done at a right time I admit. Mobile e-commerce is becoming an integrated part in our daily life. More individuals are leaning towards the use of e-commerce on mobile devices than in desktop or in laptops. As a result security issue is becoming a prime factor in due course. The article review provided with primary information to the reader interested in the field. After gone through the article I realize more on the necessity of encrypted communication protocols to provide confidentiality, integrity and authentication for mobile e-commerce applications.

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  • Dr. AJIT V PANDYA (Viewer) 19th Nov 2015 - 2:09 PM
    Good morning from Dr. Ajit V Pandya form Ahmedabad ..India
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    1. i strongly believes nothing is deleted from software for ever...?

    2. how to reverse the passward and other secrete details.? and other search engine generalise everything about your data from one or other source ? to overcome this ...

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  • EMMANUEL CHINWEUBA NWANI (Viewer) 23rd Nov 2015 - 3:20 AM
    Please correct me if I was wrong. Can a paper written for another journal publication in 2001 be reviewed by the same author and submit for another journal publication with the same caption? I also disagree with the authors that the paper in current in their currency column. A paper written in 2001 when e-commerce poses several challenges of data encryption and password theft cannot be reviewed in 2015 stating the same challenges, when in the actual sense, those challenges have been taken care of. I suggest the authors will rewrite the paper with a different caption to reflect current challenges of e-commerce where hackers clone the same website of genuine service providers to divert on-line trading and close same after succeeding in their nefarious act without a trace.

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  • DAVID OLUWAMAYOWA FAKUNLE (Author) 23rd Nov 2015 - 1:40 PM
    Dear All,
    eCommerce is an ever-evolving field and more developments are still coming up.

    @Emmanuel....... The note you read is an article review and therefore your question about "a paper written for another publication......" in this context is not relevant.

    Thanks all

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  • Sikandar Khan (Viewer) 24th Nov 2015 - 10:07 AM
    Your paper is coherent, well-organized, and very informative.I realize it's a very broad concept to try and condense within your paper, but focusing on explicating that part might be helpful. Overall, I think you have a very strong paper that seems to fulfill the parameters of the assignment quite well.

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  • Kayode Aderinsola Eunice (Viewer) 24th Nov 2015 - 9:42 PM
    Dear Author,
    Reading through your research work, it was thoroughly and systematically explained. There is no doubt that mobile e-commence has become necessary in our day-to-day activities. People were majorly used it than desktop and laptops because it is easy to move around.
    Your article is very informative and educative especially in where you have stated that "it is possible to design and develop secure wireless applications using good software engineering and assurance method".
    Conclusively, the article has reveals that it is of good to addressing the security and privacy risks of internet-based content by building security into the platform and applications themselves...
    Well done and keep it up!
    Mrs. Kayode Aderinsola E. (University of Ibadan, Nigeria)

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  • DAVID OLUWAMAYOWA FAKUNLE (Author) 25th Nov 2015 - 3:56 PM
    Thank You all for your comments.
    I hope to submit my recent findings on e-commerce development soon.