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Title: Value creation in eBusiness: Exploring the impacts of internet-enabled business conduct

Authors: ABANIWONNDA, Sulaiman Adewale

Topic: Information Technology


The purpose of the article seeks to explore value creation through e-business by emphasizing the impacts of Internet-enabled business conduct. The article assumes that firms may reap the benefits of engaging in e-business only if they are able to develop, adopt and use Internet-enabled business models (e-business models). The researchalso used, several economic and financial performance measures as value indicators. A survey was conducted in Norwegian enterprises. The research confirms that e-business is in its infancy. Moreover, in addition to a fairly limited e-business experience, the participating enterprises seem to have put all their efforts into relatively simple and primitive e-business solutions. Hence, the power of the Internet is wasted on solutions that basically support the automation of existing and traditional business processes. For a vast majority of the enterprises participating in this study, there have been no significant changes in key economic and financial indicators since they took up e-business. However, the research demonstrates that there is an association between value creation and e-business conduct. E-business value creation is associated with relevant e-business value drivers, namely efficiency, complementarities, customer retention, and innovation.