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Title: Neonatal Nursing

Authors: Maria-Goretti Adanma Mbagwu

Topic: Nursing



  Neonatal nursing is the branch of Nursing which involves taking care of newly born babies. It is the duty of the neonatal nurse to care and ensure the safety of the new born infants.

Neonatal nursing is more of a career option for those who love infants and consider it a pleasure to take care of them.

It involves three different levels of care – the first level involves taking care of healthy born babies after birth, the second level involves, taking care of the needs of ill new born or premature babies after birth, and the third level is, caring for newborn babies with problems that cannot be treated as in the two earlier levels. The neonatal Nurse chooses the level to care for according to ones capacities.

The project is done to emphasize the vital role of the neonatal nurses in the care of new born, and the life saving cares they give, dictating and treating of serious problems such as respiratory disorder and low birth weight.

The research was carried out in twenty hospitals in Nigeria, eighteen were private while two were government hospitals. In most cases adequate care were given and preventive measures taken by the neonatal nurses, complications avoided.

In very few cases that had complications, although it was dictated early enough, the correct / modern equipment required for proper management were not available and the babies referred to a bigger government hospital. Distance was also a very big barrier to achieve successful result.




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  • Bridget Onoiribholo Iweriebor (Viewer) 28th Jan 2015 - 2:21 PM
    what is problem you fore scene that motivated this write up. and what is the research topic please a researchable topic must contain variables

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  • Bridget Onoiribholo Iweriebor (Viewer) 28th Jan 2015 - 2:41 PM
    IWERIEBOR ONOIRIBHOLO BRIDGET (Viewer) 28th Jan 2015 - 2:21 PM

    what is the problem that you fore scene that motivated this write up. and what is the research topic please a researchable topic must contain variables

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  • HENRY FILLEMON HAMIS IRUNDE (Viewer) 28th Jan 2015 - 9:05 PM
    Dear Maria-Goretti, this is a lovely topic as we all love babies and take care of them. My comments is that you need to organize your abstract to make clarity in areas of introduction, methods, results, discussions and conclusion. The objective of carrying this study should also be vivid in your write up. Finally, I failed to access your full article, perhaps I could provide more comprehensive and constructive comments.

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  • REGINA EROMOMEN OWHE (Viewer) 30th Jan 2015 - 1:33 PM
    Neonatal care is a very broad topic,i could not assess the full topic,so no critique ,i feel if you a pediatric nurse you must have hammered it

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  • KUM GHABOWEN IWIMBONG (Viewer) 8th Feb 2015 - 2:09 AM
    Neonatal care !
    the topic is not well framed and the problem with neonatal care is not elaborated thus the topic is not researchable
    no objectives,methodology,results ,discussions etc