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Title: Project Execution - Installation of Coalescer

Authors: Vaseem K. Shaikh

Topic: Management


Problem statement:

Operational issues have been identified in Gas plant: Spillage of oil, tripping of gas compressor, increase flaring and salt deposition in reboiler.


I first studied the existing system for analyzing the problem. I research and read technical documents related to the subject and came across a technology - Coalescence (the merging of two or more droplets into one). The Coalescer skid will help trap water. I was having regular interaction with discipline engineers, contractors and management.

Results and conclusions:

It was noted that all the problems related to water carryover was solved like prevention of oil spillage, no tripping of gas compressor, no increase in flaring and no salt deposition in reboiler unit. 

PDO operation team was happy with the project and its design and working mainly as the tripping problem has been solved. The project gave me satisfaction and confidence as a Project Engineer. The management also appreciated me for executing the project.