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Texila American University, one of the fastest growing Medical Universities in the Caribbean, organizes the Third International Scientific e-Conference 2016 followed by the grand success of its First & Second e-Conferences. e-Conference allows participants to do most of the things they'd be able to do in a physical conference without having everybody in the same place at the same time. Such activities include exchanging information, documents data, listening to presentations and participating in open forum.

TAU started its First International Scientific e-Conference in 2014 under the theme "NEW FRONTIERS IN SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH OF THE MILLENNIUM". Participants from 40+ countries participated in the First e-Conference.

TAU conducted its Second International Scientific e-Conference in 2015 on "RESEARCH, TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION: THE BEDROCK FOR GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT" Participants from 60+ countries participated in the Second e-Conference.

Now TAU is launching Third International Scientific e-Conference 2016 on "THE POWER OF ACADEMIC RESEARCH FOR INNOVATION IN PRACTICE AND POLICY". It beholds the pathway to explore new strategies, understand business disruptors, chat future technological progress and uncover the future roadmap of the industry.
The key mission of the Texila e-Conference is To be the Largest Conference Provider in the world

Note from Distinguished Dignitaries

I am delighted to note that Texila American University has made significant progress in bringing Quality education to Guyana since its inception in 2010. I wish you all success in your endeavour to host the Third Scientific International E-Conference. It provides an opportunity for students, professionals and research scholars around the Globe to participate and present their findings in medical research.

I congratulate you for this initiative and all participants great success.

— Hon. Moses Veerasammy Nagamootoo, M.P., J.P.
Prime Minister and First Vice-President, Guyana.

Thank you for your letter of 16th June, 2016, received on 17th June, concerning the above. I would like to thank you very much for the invitation and wish you success during the Third International Scientific E-Conference 2016.

— Hon. Dr. Joseph M. Kasonde, MP
    Minister of Health, Zambia.

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  • Be a Attendee for all the sessions.
  • Attendee Certificate will be issued.


  • Present your article live.
  • Eligible for Cash Rewards.
  • Participant Certificate will be issued.


  • Present your article live.
  • Eligible for Cash Rewards.
  • Participant Certificate will be issued.
  • Eligible for publication in Journal if selected.

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